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Cash & HST—Honest men outside the law

Last Saturday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, 7:00 p.m. Woody Creek time, Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes were shot out of a giant cannon, full of fireworks and in the shape of a fist. The invite for the official send-off at Thompson’s Owl Farm in Colorado was restricted to 350 of Hunter’s closest friends, including actors Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson. Music was provided by Lyle Lovett. Two Democratic presidential candidates, George McGovern and John Kerry, were reportedly on hand to pay their respects, which might say more than a raft of textbooks about the real difference between the parties.

Across the continent, a small group of friends gathered on the roof of Owen Brennan Round’s house in Alphabet City to send off the good doctor with a glass of his favorite whiskey, Chivas Regal, on ice. We listened to “Walk on the Wild Side,” and at 7 p.m. Woody Creek time, as a giant full yellow moon ascended above the rooftops, we offered a toast, then poured the last drops from the bottle on the roof, in the spirit of an Irish wake. Read More…