GOP Contenders Take Aim – CBS Early Show

John Avlon and Margaret Hoover discuss the GOP presidential canidates on the CBS Early Show. Discussions about Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, mobilizing the Republican base, and what options the Republicans have for the 2012 Elections.

Who’s to blame for debt gridlock? – CBS Early Show

With Speaker Boehner walking out on President Obama over a solution to the nation’s debt crisis, Russ Mitchell gathers a panel of independent voters with Senior political analyst for Newsweek, John Avlon , and Republican commentator, Margaret Hoover, to find who’s to blame.

“Palin Vs. Bachmann” – CBS Early Show

The Daily Beast’s John Avlon and Republican strategist Margaret Hoover speak to Chris Wragge about the race for 2012, including Michelle Bachmann’s candidacy and Sarah Palin’s movie debut of “The Undefeated.”