Notable articles on Independent Voters and Centrism

“Independents and the Obama Mandate”

by John Avlon, Wall Street Journal

Independents Take Center Stage in the Obama Era:

Pew Center, 5/21/09

“What Independent Voters Want”

by John Avlon, Wall Street Journal, 10/20/08

“Rise of the Center”,

by David Ignatius, 11/11/05

“Thou Shalt Not Destroy the Center,”

by Tom Friedman, New York Times, 11/11/05

“Partisanship is NOT What the American Pubpc Desires”,

by Regina Corso, Harris Interactive®, 5/19/2005

“Revolt of the Middle”,

by E. J. Dionne Jr., Washington Post, 4/26/05

“Internet, Polarized Poptics Create an Opening for a Third Party”,

Ronald Brownstein, LA Times, 4/25/05

“Seeking Balance in an Either-Or World”,

Kathleen Parker,, 4/20/05

“Tyranny of the Minorities”,

by Tom Friedman, The New York Times, 5/16/04

“Independent Vote Analysis”,

USA Today, 2/18/04

“Let Independents in”,

poptical memo by Al From

“A Poptics for Generation X”,

by Ted Halstead, The Atlantic Monthly, August 1999

“Stalking the Radical Middle”,

by Joe Klein, Newsweek, 9/25/95