Bipartisian Policy Center – Now We Govern: Transitioning from the Campaign to Office

Now We Govern: Transitioning from the Campaign to Office

John Avlon moderates this panel on the transition from campaign to office and the challenges that lie ahead for Congress and the President.

Featuring: Maria Cardona, Brendan Daly, Sara Taylor Fagen, Secretary Dan Glickman, Trey Grayson and Senator Trent Lott
Moderator: John Avlon

The uniqueness of our democratic process is our historical ability to transfer power peacefully. With such divisive campaign rhetoric behind the candidates and the country today, how can the work of governing successfully begin? What hard feelings and hold-over from negative campaigning will impede this progress? If campaigning is about highlighting differences, governing should, in turn, be about finding ways to work together. This panel will address the obstacles to a successful transition of power and the key issues that prevent compromise. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of the preparation of the President’s Inaugural Address and first State of the Union Address, and what to expect in the highly touted “First 100 Days.”